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News Builds up a Democracy

In a democracy, the function of conversation activates a political purpose. The subjects of conversation inevitably expand to include shared public concerns and eventually focusing on the conduct of government.

News builds up the capacity of the voters to choose well. Keeping informed becomes a duty of those who elect their leaders. As these occupy their positions for limited periods, a citizen tries to know as much as possible about how this official has done during his term of office.

Given this role, the news media or journalislm gained recognition for the value of the product they provided. To assure constructive exchange, journalists had to assure the credibility of their stories by establishing processes of verification and evaluation of plausibility. In a later age, editorial supervision validated the news product, assuring the value of the information they transmit – the different steps to ensure that the stories are true and credible.

The news process ensures that efforts have been made to make sure the information and the accounts are factual and true; and that these have been checked and verified.

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