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This online course is designed to increase the awareness on human rights among journalists, journalism professors, and students. It will tackle the importance of human rights in the democratic scheme, and is meant to encourage media to report not just on human rights violations but to develop a contextual approach as part of the news agenda. This human rights lens has been absent even in reporting cases of obvious violations.

The course hopes to reflect human rights in crime reporting, court cases, marginalized groups and minorities, and promote alternatives to the highly punitive approaches to law and order in the country.

The course also includes approaches on how to make human rights interesting and relevant to the public.

Lecturer: Atty. Jose Manuel “Chel” Diokno,
Estimated Session Time: 50 minutes

Lecturer: Carlos Conde, Human Rights Watch
Estimated Session Time: 30 minutes

Lecturers: Xave Gregorio and EC Toledo,
Estimated Session Time: 30 minutes

Additional Content
The Difficulties of Reporting Human Rights and Making It Relevant and Interesting
Panel Discussion
Panel: Carol Arguillas, MindaNews; Francis Angelo, The Daily Guardian; Mildred Galarpe, SunStar Cebu